Socialism is a political and economic system of social organization that encourages the ownership and regulation of means of production, distribution, and exchange by the community/society. Established in 1789 with the French Revolution, it was a product of the invasion of Bastille by the French community leading to an overthrown king (King Louis XVI). Also supported by the revolution that took place in Britain. The revolutionary change for this system was anchored on the reshaping of the proletariat. A huge part of their breakthrough can be traced to the global meeting involving philosophers, trade unions, and other labor unions held for the sole reason of achieving a socialist economy. Though there were a lot of prospective studies ranging from Proudhonism, Anarchism, Blanquism, and Marxism. The goal was to restructure the proletariat’s mindset. The economic system needs this socialist reformation. Our world is being nagged by uncouth leadership. They are all around us and manifesting in our notable institutions and structures such as IMF, World Bank, Wall Street, and the unreformed minds of the plutocrat. We have been distracted and shifted our focus from a grave matter that requires our attention. The Capitalism system has got us nowhere, don’t budge, indulge SOCIETAL, and maximize our socialist collection for absolute social and societal change.