The man with an audacious voice on civil disobedience Henry David Thoreau, once said, “If a plant cannot live according to its nature, it dies, and so does a man”. The honesty in this statement is quite plain and even in extension civilization meets its waterloo when everyone keeps silent on things that really matter. Our Activist T-shirt collection uncovers and provokes change and sets the people up for a conscious walk against oppression. It tells the mind story of freedom. Most times, silence can be interpreted as consent and satisfaction. While certainly, violence will not secure our freedom, neither will weakness. We have to show some resistance to oppression. We have to be aware of the need to stand against tyranny irrespective of the means adopted to threaten us as a people. Societal’s knowledge and awareness of the situation make it easy to oppose it. Our Activist T-shirt collection shares solidarity with the masses with prints that are relatable by people and carries a message about the present-day reality. It awakens the social and political alacrity of people and gets them ready for an anti-oppression movement. This collection triggers solutions in our minds.